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Picture Nights

The schedule and picture envelopes are now available.  An email was sent with detailed information about picture nights.  Bishop Photography will be our photographer again. You may be familiar with this company from school picture day or other sports.  Order envelopes are on the front desk in the lobby.  

Wednesday May 24th - please refer to your email for a more detailed schedule. 

  1. 4:15-5:05pm- solists, duets, trios
  2. 5:05-5:15pm - Ballet 1
  3. 5:15-5:25pm- Ballet 2
  4. 5:25-5:55pm- Chaine D.T.
  5. 6:00-6:30pm- Preschool
  6. 6:30-6:40pm- Acro 1
  7. 6:40-6:55pm- Wed/Sat Combo Ballet/Tap
  8. 6:55-7:15pm- Hip Hop 1
  9. 7:15-7:45pm- Pirouettes D.T
  10. 7:30-8:00pm- Friday Lyrical/Jazz
  11. 8:00-8:10pm- Tap
  12. 8:10-8:20pm- Acro 2
  13. 8:20-8:30pm- Comp. Acro
  14. 8:30-8:50pm- Lyrical

Thursday May 25th- please refer to your email for a more detailed schedule

  1. 4:45-5:00pm- Any soloists, duets, trios that could not make Wednesday's time slot.
  2. 5:00-5:10pm- Jazz 1
  3. 5:10-5:20pm- Hip Hop 2
  4. 5:20-5:30pm- Jazz 2
  5. 5:30-6:00pm- Musical Theatre (Tuesday Combo Tap/Jazz)
  6. 5:40-5:55pm- Ballet 3
  7. 6:00-6:20pm- Tuesday Combo -Ballet/Hip & Friday Combo Tap/Hip Hop
  8. 6:20-7:00pm- Jete D.T.
  9. 6:40-6:50pm- Ballet 4
  10. 7:00-7:35pm- All Dance Teams
  11. 7:45-8:10pm- Modern
  12. 8:10-8:25pm- Fouette D.T.
  13. 8:25-8:45pm- Comp. Hip Hop
  14. 8:45-9:00pm- Pointe




Earlier Event: May 15
Bring A Friend to Dance Class